When an editor thinks an article is ready for publication, it goes here

Storipress is an independent, open source publishing platform, which means you can customize absolutely everything. Inside our site builder, you'll find straightforward controls to design and build your dream publication – so you can set your publication up just how you like it. No technical knowledge required.

If you're feeling a little more adventurous, there's really no limit to what's possible. With just a little bit of HTML and CSS you can modify or build your very own theme from scratch, or connect to Zapier to explore advanced integrations. Advanced developers can go even further and build entirely custom workflows using the Storipress API.

This level of customization means that Storipress grows with you. It's easy to get started, but there's always another level of what's possible. So, you won't find yourself outgrowing the app in a few months time and wishing you'd chosen something more powerful!

Our Editor

Storipress comes with a best-in-class editor which renders your article as it would look live. This approach means you write your content the way your readers experience it — if you find editing an article with tiny font and poor line spacing hard, your readers also won’t enjoy reading your content (so you should probably change your article design in the builder).

Storipress also comes baked with some powerful tools designed to accommodate the extensive needs of modern creators.

For many, the base canvas of the Storipress editor will feel familiar. You can start writing as you would expect, highlight content to access the toolbar you would expect, and generally use all of the keyboard shortcuts you would expect.

Our main focus in building the Storipress editor is to try and make as many things that you hope/expect might work: actually work.

  • You can copy and paste raw content from web pages, and Storipress will do its best to correctly preserve the formatting.

  • Pasting an image from your clipboard will upload inline.

  • Pasting a social media URL will automatically create an embed.

  • Highlight a word in the editor and paste a URL from your clipboard on top: Storipress will turn it into a link.

The goal, as much as possible, is for things to work so that you don't have to think so much about the editor. Storipress’ dynamic cards allows you to embed rich media into your posts and create beautifully laid out stories.

Using cards

You can insert dynamic cards inside post content using the + button, which appears on new lines, or by typing / on a new line to trigger the card menu. Many of the choices are simple and intuitive, like bookmark cards, which allow you to create rich links with embedded structured data:


or embed cards which make it easy to insert content you want to share with your audience, from external services:


But, dig a little deeper, and you'll also find more advanced cards, like ones for different types of images and galleries.

Once you  start mixing text and image cards creatively, the whole narrative of the story changes. Suddenly, you're working in a new format.

As it turns out, sometimes pictures and a thousand words go together really well. Telling people a great story often has much more impact if they can feel, even for a moment, as though they were right there with you.

And the best thing about it is, you no longer have to worry about forgetting to add alt-text to photos. Storipress will warn you with an indicator on any photos with missing alt-text so you can always ensure great SEO.

Our editor is powerful enough to do whatever you want it to do. With a little exploration, you'll be up and running in no time.